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Chairman: Shri Shanti Lal Nabariya

Looking back at the history of education one would find a gradual shift of emphasis from teaching to learning. Though the two processes are symbiotic in nature, the importance each of them has received has been varied. First we had teaching classrooms and now with the incoming of new technological tools and internet, we have advanced learning classrooms. How does one can make the contemplation ‘Purposeful’? For that, we need to advance from the current learning classrooms to thinking classrooms. Both teachers and students should reach for the ideas lying beyond the realms of textbooks. The young minds should be pushed to think of ways in which they can reform the society, invent solutions for the many problems we face today and constantly orient their curriculum towards the benefit of the larger mankind. Only when our students become capable of thinking on their own and thinking of others, we will as educators truly succeed.